Best Medical Cannabis Gifts for Father's Day

Medical Cannabis Gifts From Ideas to Overall Health That You May Want to Consider Getting for Your Father

Yes, you'll see the best medical cannabis gifts you can give to your father this year. But what’s Father’s day all about and how did it become the day for Fathers? Father’s day is the day you appreciate your father for all the little and big things he’s provided for you. The creation of father’s day began with two stories that led two women in making a decision to change history around the 1900s. They wanted a day for father’s since all the mothers were receiving all the attention on their special day.

It goes to show you how far a person will go for their father and give them the best gift they need. If they celebrate father’s day as a way to show appreciation, then why wouldn’t you show your appreciation by giving your father one of the best medical cannabis gifts he needs?

Whether your father uses cannabis for medicinal or recreational treatments, it’s time to give him a truly appreciative cannabis gift he’ll enjoy. These gifts are more than a thank you because they are a way to help him ease any pain from the mental to the physical aspects, all while keeping him secure from future medical emergencies. We’ll take a journey in finding the story behind father’s day and the best medical cannabis gifts you may want to give him in 2018.

How Father’s Day Started…

This special day all started with two stories that led to Father’s day according to a history article from the Art of Manliness. There was a woman who spent her life in Washington in the year 1910. She goes by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd and her father was a veteran of the Civil War who she loved very much. The idea came to her upon a church sermon on mother’s day, which led to her desire in celebrating Father’s day to the men that deserved it.

Another story came about when Grace Golden Clayton pitched an idea to the Methodist minister to honor and celebrate fathers after several deaths were taken in a mine explosion in the year 1908.

Although these two stories may give us some strong insights into how much fathers needed appreciation, the official day didn’t take place until May 1st, 1972. President Nixon finally recognized this celebration and made it an official holiday for fathers in the U.S.

Upon this change in history, President Nixon wrote and gave a very moving announcement signifying the celebration of Father’s day. He quotes from his proclamation:

“To have a father—to be a father—is to come very near the heart of life itself.

In fatherhood, we know the elemental magic and joy of humanity. In fatherhood we even sense the divine, as the Scriptural writers did who told of all good gifts corning "down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning"—symbolism so challenging to each man who would give his own son or daughter a life of light without shadow. "

--- President Nixon

It’s a great day to celebrate father’s day in 2018. Now, let’s share the best medical cannabis gifts you may want for your father.

1 Your Father’s Own Secure Cannabis Medical Alert Gem He Can Take Anywhere

This gift idea is a unique one among all other great cannabis gifts for Father's Day. If you can give your dad a secure ID that will save him in medical emergencies then wouldn’t you want him to have it? First respondents will see his cannabis medical ID with all of his medical information and react at the right time. The engrave medical information may hold the type of CBD strains he uses to the amount of dosing he needs. In the moment of a medical emergency event, first respondents will help him in an instant when they understand what he needs to survive.

In addition, the cannabis medical alert is a unique gem that is simple in its style, but classic like many fathers everywhere. There are at least two types of style to choose from, but there are 4 variations that best suits your father which are key chains, steel necklaces, black rubber necklaces, and bottle openers. All are high quality and ensure the longest wear for your father to remain secure.

2 Giving the Gift of Juicing Cannabis for Overall Well-being

Juicing cannabis is one of the many great medical cannabis gifts you can give to your father. When you were young, your father provided you the best he could. Now, it’s time to give your father the best cannabis gift idea to take care of him as he gets older. Cannabis juicing is new and it’s still in beta mode, but it’s a treat that will heal your father’s body. How so?

Juicing cannabis is unlike using it in its pure plant bud form. When you juice, you’re not receiving the THC or high effects you often will get when smoking it or isolating it. Moreover, it provides the most nutrients opposed to heating the plant up and using it for treatment according to Dr. William L. Courtney, quoted from Medical Jane.

There are even medical stories from patients that claim juicing cannabis has cured them of their illnesses. Although this may sound a bit far-fetched, we need to at least consider the possibility of the plant’s magical powers. Lastly, juicing the plant can give you many benefits, but the fact that the cannabinoids from the juice will re-balance your body since you have an endocannabinoid system structure is enough reason to try it.

Moreover, this is also considered a great idea classified under the recreational cannabis gifts for the user that loves to drink a cold fresh beverage in the summer.

3 Stars Spangled CBD for The Veteran and Athletic Father

What better way to give the gift of love by giving a wrapped up CBD treatment for the veteran and athletic father? Stars Spangled Supplements are introducing a new treatment to athletes and veterans worldwide. The CBD supplement enhances overall performance for athletes such as,

  • Increase Sleep

  • Increase Alertness

  • Increase Productivity

In addition to the amazing benefits it provides athletes, it also provides veterans with immense benefits. These benefits include the following;

  • Decrease Anxiety

  • Decrease PTSD

  • Decrease Pain

  • Decrease Inflammation

Overall, CBD is known to treat patients worldwide as it gives patients a way to ease their illnesses and enhanced energy, without receiving the “high effect” associated with the herbal plant. Although CBD is used for medical purposes in patient's lives, this is also one of the few best recreational cannabis gifts for Father's day.

Your Father Is Worth Every Word, Penny, and Love

Now that you’ve chosen one of the best medical cannabis gifts for him, it’s time to shower your love and appreciation in person. Whether he enjoys recreational cannabis gifts or medical cannabis, he'll have a great day of appreciation. The story of Father’s Day should enlighten you on this special day and hopefully enlighten your father. Have a great Father’s Day everyone!

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