Best Ways To Use CBD For Sleep

Did you know that women are twice as likely to suffer from insomnia compared to men? Moreover, it’s known that 68% of Americans have sleep problems. In total that translates to close to 168 million people. If you’ve suffered from sleep challenges then you’ll learn how CBD is able to help. Today, we’ll give you practical solutions for your sleep problem.

CBD or Cannabidiol in full is one of the main components of marijuana; it has a wide spectrum of action including effects in your sleep-wake cycle, anxiety and mood. If you haven’t tried marijuana before then you might be thinking,

“Wait, weed is a substance that’s illegal and immoral, and you think it can help with sleep problems?”

However, if you do a little research then you’ll find that there are specialists devoting a lot of attention to CBD. Cannabidiol or CBD is an active component from the cannabis plant, but it’s isolated away from THC (the natural high) and other components. CBD does not get you high which is unlike THC. Instead, it calms your mind and helps you sleep better. It’s also legal in most states for medical use.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Most people stay up at night because of one reason: too much brain activity. Thoughts, worries, plans, disappointments, social media drama, and others are all things that will prevent you from gaining the peace you need to sleep. According to a recent study, CBD helps users relax especially in high doses. It also induces sleepiness and drowsiness. Moreover, if taken in small doses then CBD can lessen daytime sleepiness and stimulates alertness resulting in a better nights sleep. This means that it makes you more awake, alert, and productive in the day.

After it enters your system, CBD activates specific compounds in the brain and the effect you experience is a “sense of peace”.

Your body weight and your chosen method of consumption will determine the amount of CBD you need.

The most common reason why people seek medical attention is for their pain. If you have a condition that causes pain such as arthritis then you’ll find it difficult to sleep. This can lead to anxiety and worsen the problem.

In your brain, there is a network of receptors known as the “endocannabinoid system” which is responsible for helping the body maintain the natural balance of bodily function (homeostasis). Researchers believe that CBD helps regulate the endocannabinoid system which results in relaxing your mind and body.

CBD stops the body from absorbing anandamide which is an endocannabinoid associated with pain regulation. The increased levels of anandamide in your system, helps to reduce pain.

How To Use CBD And Control Dosage

Taking CBD orally, can be expensive, Why? Depending on your body weight, you may need lots of CBD to induce the desired effect. The safest and the least expensive way of consuming CBD is, using a vaporizer. The awesome thing about vaporizers is that you’ll use less of the medical treatment and you’ll feel the effects faster. There are sleep promoting agents that you can combine with CBD to improve your sleep such as:

· Chamomile

· Lavender

· Hops

CBD oil can be effectively used to treat the following problems caused by lack of sleep:

· Anxiety

· Chronic pain

· Restless leg syndrome

· fatigue

Before you make a decision on what product to use, we recommend that you do your own research on CBD and talk to your doctor.

CBD Concentrates

Compared to other CBD products, concentrates contain the strongest dosage of CBD. The best way to consume concentrates is to place a few drops under your tongue and along the cheeks and ingest it slowly. It’s recommended that you take 40-160 mg CBD orally (daily) to treat sleep disorders,. If you have chronic pain then taking 2.5-20mg CBD by mouth for at least 25 days is suggested to take that amount.

CBD Capsules

Using capsules is very straight forward, all you have to do is take one and drink water. Check the dosage and you weight to figure out how many pills you need.


If you decide to use tinctures, don’t swallow the liquid right away. Place a couple of drops under your tongue and let it sit there for as long as you can. That will aid sublingual ingestion.

CBD Sprays

Sprays are recommended for a patient to use during the day. However, sprays have the weakest concentration of CBD. You’ll have to take a lot to aid sleep, which is best to use them during the day.


The problem with capsules, concentrates and tinctures is that they may lead to inconsistent CBD absorption; vaporizers solve that problem but at a cost. The problem with vapes is. The oil will have fewer effects when compared to capsule and concentrates.

Can CBD cure insomnia?

According to researchers, it can. Some researchers found that CBD influences dopamine levels in our bloodstream during sleep. This leads to a better and more relaxed sleep.

One of the major causes for insomnia worldwide is anxiety. Anxiety is a problem that affects us all at one point in our lives. Some of the drugs prescribed to cure or control it are addictive. CBD on the other hand is not addictive and the side effects you experience after use actually wear off in a few hours. The side effects some user may experience are:

· Changes in appetite

· Diarrhea

· Tiredness

· Weight loss or gain

A review of the potential side effects of CBD found that humans can tolerate up to 1500 mg/day (orally), with nonnegative mood effects, psychomotor slowing, or vital sign abnormalities. On top of that, CBD has other health benefits that can help you sleep better. Some added benefits of using CBD are:

· It stimulates recovery and relaxation (parasympathetic nervous system)

· Lowers inflammation

· Can be used to treat autoimmune disorders, PTSD, and some psychiatric disorders.

Some diseases CBD can help manage or cure such as skin diseases, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

The FDA has not approved CBD as a cure or treatment for any disease; however, many publications speak positively about CBD. It’s legal to use in most states and its side effects are few and far in between. If you have a serious health problem, you should talk to your doctor before you start using CBD.

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