3 Noteworthy Medical Peer Reviews On Cannabis That Tell Us Where The Industry is Headed in 2018

These 3 Medical Cannabis Peer Reviews Are Paving the Way for Cannabis Success

Cannabis has become one of the worlds most famous plant reaching $31.4 billion. This tells us two things about the plant. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and it also has the potential of easing many illnesses within patients worldwide. There are even those who “claim” it can kill cancer cells thus prolonging a patient’s life. The plant is an evergreen of wealth and health that it leaves any person in shock of the magical powers it possesses. These unknown powers are currently under development by many researchers and scientists.

These researchers, like Dr. David Allen and many others, are slowly uncovering the benefits the plant provides. However, what we know so far is a lot more then what we have ever known before.

Now, in 2018 there are currently new studies that are important for you as a supporter to know, what these studies entail. Researchers have given 5 peer-reviews of the plant that moves the cannabis industry further than we’ve ever gone. We’ll go over each one and also provide some of our own insights.

1 How This Review Claims Cannabis Can Help the Elderly

The review called, “Epidemiological characteristics, safety, and efficacy of medical cannabis in the elderly” analyzes how medical cannabis affects the elderly. The study involved 2,736 patients, who were 65 years or older, using cannabis as a form of treatment.

The patients were asked questions during the six month period of using cannabis. Their answers were summarized as having a quality of life, pain intensity reduction, and adverse events.

Overall these patients felt better with the medical cannabis treatment, especially for their cancer symptoms.

However, there were adverse events in these patients such as dry mouth and dizziness. Then again, we can view all cannabis users to have these effects when using cannabis. This means medical marijuana has a huge potential to help more of the elderly that need it most.

2 The Review That Analyzes Post-Polio Syndrome In Patients With Neurological Disorders

In the second review of “Beneficial Effect of Medical Cannabis in the Treatment of a Pharmacoresistant Nausea Associated with a Somatoform Disorder in a Patient with Post-Polio Syndrome”, it evaluates patients with a disorder called Somatoform and it also involves giving these patients cannabis as a form of treatment.

The disorder involves neurological challenges within an individual and this also includes those with post-polio syndrome as well.

In the study, the patients received medical cannabis due to their ailments and the results were promising. The study concluded that cannabis is a viable treatment option for patients with neurological disorders. Patients reported having pain reduction and relief of nausea symptoms which gives us a better understanding of the cannabis plant.

3 The Review That Claims Cannabis Reduces Colorectal Cancer Cell Tumor Growth

In addition, cannabis is known to treat patients with cancer. The symptoms that are often associated with cancer are nausea, migraines, and appetite loss. When you combine cannabis into your system, it helps combat the cancer symptoms a patient is experiencing. The review we’ll discuss gives us more knowledge about how cannabis helps cancer in a very scientific way.

The review called, “ G protein-coupled receptor GPR55 promotes colorectal cancer and has opposing effects on cannabinoid receptor 1.”, evaluates the cannabinoid receptor 1 and how it suppresses intestinal tumor growth. More specifically, it suppresses cancer in the colon.

Now, this is where THC comes into play. THC is a potential active component to the cannabinoid receptor 1 or CB1. Ultimately, more research is needed to really evaluate how much THC and CBD can help suppress cancer.

How The Future Will Unravel More Research into The Cannabis Field

Overall, medical cannabis is continuing to challenge traditional medical methods in modern society. How will we move forward? Patients in need of medical marijuana will continue to experience each treatment. When they do, new research on cannabis will unfold.

If you use the natural plant to heal your ailments, wouldn’t you want to keep your life safe by securing your medical information in a place you know where it’s at during all times? The future of cannabis will reach more people than ever before, which means more cannabis treatments for you to choose from for your specific ailment.

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