Why Are Veterans Using Medical Marijuana for Their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Unraveling the Hidden Benefits Behind Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Medical Marijuana for PTSD has long been scruntinized under the microscope of scientists, doctors and researchers. There are controversial debates about whether medical marijuana is the best source of medication or the worst drug addiction for many users. But Why?

Why are we still talking about medical cannabis as if it’s drug that harms? You’ve seen about 1 to hundred articles on cannabis from the health benefits to the drug it was once viewed as. There’s a reason we’re still talking about medical cananbis. There’s a reason we still write about it. The world needs to truly understand how it helps those close to you.

Medical Marijuana for PTSD helps many veterans worldwide. There are several cases surfing the internet about how the magical herb eases many patients symptoms. In one case a man lost all hope, because of the constant nightmares plaguing is once past military life. When he began to take medical marijuana, he cliams it helped him curb his anxiety and made him sleep better. In this blog, we’ll talk about what is PTSD, how marijuana helps PTSD, and discover case stories of veterans using marijuana for their PTSD.

What is PTSD?

What is post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ? This affects an individual through horrific nightmares and flash backs of traumatic events that happened to the individual. According to a research report called, “The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook”, many individuals with PTSD obtain it through a serious event whether that be from rape, abuse, near death experiences, terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

However, PTSD is even more known within veterans as they are constantly plagued with their past “War” days. Veterans with PTSD have current flashbacks of their war days and suicidal deaths. As you can imagine, war is a scary and high stressed situation where many deaths happen. Although veterans may have symptoms of PTSD, medical cannabis is becoming more widely used to alleviate the symptoms.

Why Veterans are Using Medical Marijuana for PTSD

PTSD has taken many veterans by storm and now they are seeking medical cannabis as an alternative treatment. This is really great news as PTSD is the most publicized medical problem in veterans.

However, there are few to zero studies and trials of cannabis being an effective treatment for PTSD. Cannabis is still an illicit “drug” that doesn’t allow for many researchers to study the plant on PTSD. But there are studies and trials based on animals with PTSD and cannabis. In the study called, “The Use of Medicinal Marijuana for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Review of the Current Literature”, it states

“There is a growing amount of neurobiological evidence and animal studies suggesting potential neurologically based reasons for the reported efficacy.”

This report implies medical cannabis has given potential results for PTSD. Moreover, there are several story cases about veterans healing themselves with the medical plant.

What does Marijuana do for PTSD?

The report also mentions that cannabis can relieve pain in PTSD patients and give them better or longer sleep. Ultimately, cannabis can potentially reduce the symptoms of PTSD. However, just like anything else, more research will need to be discovered on cannabis and PTSD.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t help veterans, since there are many case stories of veterans using medical marijuana and receiving positive results.

Case Stories of Veterans Using Medical Marijuana

In addition, there are many case stories of medical marijuana helping veterans worldwide. These veterans took a chance to start using the magical herb to help them with their PTSD. We’ll dive into each story as they are all very important to note for other veterans you may know of.

The Veteran Who Got Better Sleep

In one case, there was a veteran who lost his family and stopped caring about life after receiving numerous synthetic medications from credible doctors for his post traumatic stress disorder. His name was Elvis Alonzo.

He spent a few years as a marine and 13 years as a police officer which gave him many memories of violence and several deaths. When he was diagnosed and started using medications, he grew tired of taking prescribed medication. In a news report he states,

“The drugs “turned me into a zombie, I was so out of it that I couldn’t even drive, so they (the police department) had to medically retire me.”

When he started taking medical cannabis as an alternative treatment, his anxiety reduced and he slept like a baby. This gives us a better understanding of how cannabis can help with PTSD.

The Marine That Stopped Taking Prescribed Medication Cold Turkey Because of Pot

Roberto Pickering had severe nightmares after coming home from Iraq. In a report he quotes,

“When I got back from Iraq, I felt like an eggshell, and a basket case. And I was just doing all this self-destructive behavior that I could think of to not feel anything at all."

The self-destructive behavior was drinking himself to death to forget the painful memories. It’s no surprise since he’s seen many deaths including close friends. He was then given several different types of prescribed medication to help him through it. Then he tried medical marijuana.

When he tried medical marijuana, he immediately stopped taking all medications. He went cold turkey, because the relief he felt made him not want to commit suicide. Now if this doesn’t highlight medical cannabis in a positive light, then I don’t know what will.

The Future of Veterans and Marijuana

Marijuana has climbed a long way from a “drug” to a treatment to heal patients globally, especially veterans with PTSD. The more we as a society can help each other grow on all forms of health by spreading the love of cannabis, the better we’ll be able to bring our bodies back to homeostasis. There are many organizations around the United States supporting medical cannabis for veterans PTSD, and it will only continue to increase overtime. We see a positive outcome for veterans to feel better with the herbal plant.

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