How Cannabidiol Affects Eczema

Can CBD Oil Help You Get Rid of Those Nasty Itches?

Over 30 million Americans alone are affected by atopic dermatitis or eczema. It’s usual for infants and children up to 5 years of age to develop eczema. Although it’s more common in children, adults may suffer from this skin condition if they’ve never had it before.

Eczema is a group of skin disorders that causes inflammation in your skin. It’s usually followed by redness, severe itching, and dry skin. Blisters and cracked skin might develop as well. For some, the itch is usually mild, but iit can vary from moderate to severe itching in others. Scratching the skin condition makes it worse, especially in young children who can’t help themselves. Sometimes people with severe itching tend to scratch themselves during sleep until it bleeds which causes secondary infections.

I know it sounds painful and nasty. So today, we’re going to learn about eczema from the causes, the treatments that help eczema to how cannabidiol oil helps those who have eczema.

What Causes Eczema? Who Can Get It?

Unfortunately, a specific cause of eczema is unknow. People with eczema often have very dry skin because of their skin inability to retain its own moisture.

However in most cases, eczema is caused by a combination of things such as stress, extreme conditions, and dust. Moreover, it triggers the skin to react which leads to the skin to break out in red and itchy conditions. Other common triggers include:

  • Irritants (soaps, detergents, shampoo and washing liquid)

  • Food allergies (mainly nut and peanut allergy)

  • Environmental factors (dust, pet fur, pollen, and molds)

  • Fabric materials

  • Hormonal changes

  • Skin infections

Eczema can cause further problems. As the skin becomes red and dry, it susceptible to fungi, bacteria, and viruses which may lead to skin infections. It also causes psychological problems such as self-confidence and sleep-related problems. Eczema causes a lack of self confidence in many individuals. This is why some find it hard to deal with overtime. Also, do you remember we talked about those itches earlier? Eczema may lead to lack of sleep which is caused by itching.

Even though eczema is a skin disease, it’s not contagious at all. You can’t get eczema just by having skin contact with another person who has it.

Is There Any Cure For Eczema?

The short answer? No.

Eczema is a long-lasting disease that has no cure. Some children whose suffered from eczema usually outgrew it. However, others who can’t will live with it their whole life. But there are some treatments which can be applied to eczema and prevents severe outbreak. Treatments like topical medications and biologic drugs are available and it helps some people to reduce inflammations caused by eczema.

Topical treatments are common medications for eczema. It works by applying it to the skin to manage symptoms and it affects each individual differently. The treatments that are normally used are steroids. There are those that find steroids very successful at reducing their eczema, but there are those who have a hard time finding the right steroids for them. However, there are some side effects for using topical steroids. It makes your skin thinner and leaves marks on your skin. In some rare case, it would develop acne, addiction to steroids (which may lead to withdrawal effects), glaucoma, and cataracts.

Another common medication for eczema is through biologic drugs. They fight certain diseases by improving the immune system from using human DNA. Dupixent is one example of a biologic drug used for eczema. It’s been approved by the U.S. Food Drug Administration for eczema treatment. It also has its own risks. The most common reported side effects of Dupixent are conjunctivitis, injection side reactions and cold sores.

Any Risk-Free Treatments Out There?

Now you know that topical treatments are actually the safest treatments for eczema, but which topical is risk-free? The answer? It’s the ones that don’t leave marks on your skin. This is where cannabidiol comes in.

Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) have several potential benefits. The tincture extracts are usually made in the form of topicals such as balms, creams, and oils. These usually help with any form of skin condition and not just eczema. According to the NCBI, hempseed oil, the brother to CBD oil, contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids that are needed to reduce itching and prevent the skin from losing its moisture.

Now, if hempseed oil contains these magnificent benefits for the human skin then we can only imagine what CBD oil can actually do to improve skin disorders.

In one recent study, lead by Prof. Jacek C. Szepietowski, MD, Ph.D., from the Department of Dermatology, it quotes,

“ Therapeutic possibilities of cannabinoid usage in skin diseases seem to be unquestionable”

How Can CBD Oil Treat Eczema?

In general, CBD oil helps a lot in any skin disorders including eczema. Cannabinoids have immunosuppressive properties which is believed to be helpful to alleviate inflammatory skin issues.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays an important role in several skin disorders. The ECS helps to manage the life-cycle and encourage the formation of healthy cells and when it's disrupted in human beings with eczema.

Furthermore, cannabinoids interact with the body through the ECS receptors, known as CB1 and CB2. They are found in skin cells which opens the potential for cannabinoids to produce homeostasis and healing effects for skin conditions such as eczema.

Overall, people choose CBD topicals to apply directly to the affected area. They’re fast acting to reduce itching, and it’s proven to be an effective treatment to ease any skin disorder. Ultimately, CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. When you are another individual is in need of medical attention for a skin condition like eczema, you can use medical alert cannabis ID’s in special cases.

How? You and anyone else have the opportunity to engrave your personal medical CBD dose or any type of tincture to engrave on the back of a cannabis medical alert jewelry ID. This is important, especially when you have a medical emergency. First respondents will identify your cannabis ID and know how to treat you bases on the information you provided.

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