Medical Marijuana: Why Are People Medicating with This “Drug”?

All You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana Treating Society From Sick to Health in an Instant

Medical Marijuana? What is this mysterious plant that’s almost “curing” illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, Parkinson's, arthritis, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain, PTSD, and several others? Medical marijuana, more appropriately known as “Cannabis’, was known to ease certain ailments long ago before the America was the America it is today.

Moreover, cannabis has been sweeping the nation since we’ve found out that the “refeer” madness was actually a myth. Overall, we’ll take a look at how medical marijuana saves thousands by treating illnesses.

Why Did Our Ancestors Use It?

It’s true cannabis is viewed as a hardcore drug like heroin and methamphetamine (meth) since the late 1930s Although we know what the “public” tells us, do we know how cannabis came about in the first place? I believe it’s important to announce, “who do you listen to?”. This means an individual understands the information they're looking for, must come from a trustworthy expert or source in their specific field.

We can listen to our ancestors who used cannabis long ago before the reefer madness was created. According to a report called, “History of cannabis as a medicine: a review” it mentions that historical records have found early cultivation of cannabis in 4,000 B.C around China. It’s discovery took place in the tomb of Emperor Wu of the dynasty. Around this time, they used cannabis for fiber to create ropes and paper.

The study report specifically states,

“The use of cannabis as a medicine by ancient Chinese was reported in the world's oldest pharmacopeia”

Cannabis was known as a source of treatment to ancient Chinese. In addition, medical cannabis was used for treatment in the early 1800s as well. This may leave you curious about how cannabis treats health ailments in the human body.

Medical Cannabis Is Known to Treat Health Problems

When you research information about cannabis, there’s thousands of information from blogs to articles about cannabis harming the body and cannabis healing the body. The truth lies within evidence-based study reports such as, “Cannabinoids Induces Death of Cancer”, “Medical Marijuana in Diabetes”, and “Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy?”. These studies report marijuana as a prominent treatment for cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy.

The first study about cannabis in cancer is an interesting one as it states the Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive element found in cannabis, promotes the death of human and mice cancer cells. The report gives us evidence that cannabis can hold therapeutic values toward patients.

The second study about cannabis in diabetes accurately reports the relationship of patients with diabetes mellitus by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey or NHANES. What is diabetes? Diabetes is associated with individuals that have a ton of sugar in the blood. The report analyzed patients with diabetes under a cross over study. These researchers examined 10,896 individuals with diabetes taking cannabis from non-users to heavy users. As a result of this study, cannabis users showed a decreased prevalence of diabetes mellitus than non-cannabis users.

The third study regarding cannabis in epilepsy states that medical cannabis is considered a treatment for epileptic patients with the Dravet syndrome, Lennox-Gestaut, and Doose syndrome. It also reports patients had a decrease in seizure frequency as well as complete seizure control. Other than this, there are clinical trials related to children reducing their seizures for a long duration of time.

Again, Why is cannabis considered “bad” for you anyway?

The marijuana industry is picking up the pace as 23 states have legalized cannabis from recreational to medical under the state level. There are still individuals who seek to keep cannabis legal federally. It’s understandable as the misconception of marijuana is floating around the minds of many. Many believe cannabis is a drug and harms brain cells as well as negatively influencing a person’s life.

Although as you can see from the reports, cannabis helps those with illnesses and a few incurable illnesses similarly cancer and HIV. If cannabis helps these individuals live a better healthier life than it should be treated as a primary medication for those in need.

Overall, the green plant that grows freely in the lands will continue to be a source of treatment. Those with a Cannabis ID card can start using our Cannabis Medical Alert jewelry ID. The ID helps you notify first respondents to get you the medical attention you need. Simply place your medical information on your jewelry ID that can be life-saving for you and your family.

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