About Cannabis Medical Alert 

Why We Are Pursuing Medical Alert Jewelry


The Journey

CEO Bobby Estes is a 3rd generation jeweler, entrepreneur and jewelry designer. Over the years he’s understood the necessary duties of creating a business around his expertise. As a jewelry designer, he manifested many achievements in managing his successful business. Although his success came through and offered promising opportunities, he discovered an ailment living within his body.


He was told he had diabetes from a medical professional. After many treatments offered by his medical doctor, he found an alternative natural treatment. This treatment is known as Cannabidiol (CBD).

When we Started

We knew, cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the cannabis plant to help treat many patients with certain ailments. In Bobby’s case, it was for his diabetes and he was certainly happier with CBD than without. When he realized that cannabidiol offered many health benefits to patients worldwide, he put his love of making jewelry and CBD together to create Cannabis Med Alert. 

Why Jump into The Cannabis Industry?

We’re the very first company to create medical jewelry alert ID’s, with a sense of fashion, to the cannabis industry. The idea came as Bobby began to experience the effects of CBD on his ailments. When his love of creating jewelry and identifying a need in the cannabis industry came together, it was the first start of Cannabis Medical Alert .

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