First Ever Global Cannabis Company Launches CBD Medical Alert Pet Collars

Cannabis Med Alert is Announcing CBD Medical Alert Pet Collars to Save Pets Lives Across the World

Durango Colorado: Today on February 26th, Cannabis Med Alert is announcing their new line of CBD medical alert pet collars to dogs. These pet collars will help pave the way for dog owners who give their pets cannabidiol (CBD).  The goal is to provide patients a way to secure their lives in case of medical emergencies for themselves and their pets. This all started with an idea when CEO Bobby Estes became diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In a statement, he quotes,


“I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after losing 8mm of my pancreas. The results of my personal use of CBD were positive. Thus Cannabis Med Alert was born. Now we are changing Med Alert from just the traditional red cross to fashion Jewelry Tags to cover all medical information to be engraved to save your life and keep your loved ones at peace.”


In the new line, he hopes to can save more dogs worldwide, all while adding a taste of fashion.  They’ll receive the opportunity to have their pets wear these collars anywhere at any time of the day. CMA also plans on reaching the global and international market to secure more lives with cannabis medical alert jewelry IDs.  


The CBD Medical Alert Collars give dogs:


  • Safety by holding valuable information that can be life-saving to pets if lost.

  • Ensure security

  • Personally, engrave important medical information


About Cannabis Med Alert: Stationed in Durango Colorado, Cannabis Med Alert is a global company that gives unique cannabis fashion-forward jewelry in a form of medical IDs. This gives medical cannabis patients an opportunity to secure their medical information to notify first respondents.

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P.O. Box 340
Durango, CO 81302


T: 970-759-8939